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We moved to dedicated server!11.08.14 02:23:39
Hello guys!
We are now on a dedicated server!
We also fixed a few bugs and are now up and running again.

/The Megawar team
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Moving server to dedi11.08.14 01:15:01
Hello guys, just going tell that we are going to move the server to dedicated, so it will be down for a few min from 01:20 to 01:30~ +- some min, you are welcome back!

we hope you enjoy the server and tell your friends about it.
now at same time we are moving the server to dedicated we will fix some small bugs that players has report

and ofc you will still have all your items and lvls left
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Welcome to Megawar!10.08.14 18:14:27
Megawar is a new Swedish OT 8.60 server!

List of commands:
War invite:
/war invite,guildname,score limit
/war invite,guildname,100

Accept war:
/war accept,guildname
End war:
/war end,guildname

* Balanced vocation

* Quests will be available soon

* The server will be transfered to a dedicated server in a few days.

Have fun and don't forget to invite your friends!

The Megawar team
by Account Manager[Comments: 1]
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